Thursday, 30 July 2009

Elephant Stone – The Seven Seas

Well, you can tell where the influences lie from the bands name. Bombs Bomb Away is a good start, a typically English pop song, worthy of someone like The Kinks. It’s a breezy thing that thinks it’s still 1990. How Long is a gently jangling trip through a happier side of the Velvet Underground, mysterious and beguiling. I Am Blind is more crisp if unmemorable pop, The Seven Seas is lost in the alternative eighties, not sure what it wants to be and The Straight Line is an overlong ‘mystical’ instrumental that does nothing. Blood From A Stone is a hippyish Bluetones, languid and lazy, but a little dull and worthy, A Morning Song sounds like The Seahorses on holiday in the Middle East, faux spiritual and a little clumsy. Finally Don’t You Know is a tedious exercise is blissed out jamming. After a promising start, this album tales off rapidly.

The Seven Seas is out now on Indiecater Records
Elephant Stone myspace is here

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