Sunday, 5 July 2009

Still Leven – Everyday And Never EP

The influx of Italian bands into this blog continues apace, and as ever the output is interesting. Lead track Just A Face In The Crowd is a sombre thing indeed. Think of the lead singer of Editors, drunk and depressed, with a wailing banshee on backing vocals. The near eight minutes passes by at a funereal pace, wailing and gnashing of teeth at life’s injustices. There’s also a weird squeaky electronic bit that overlays the death march half way in. Broken Asses And Wasted Times is a despairing wail and howl for the nether world, while The Dreamer is Nick Cave at his most restless and doom laden, a mysterious backing overlaid by freeforming vocals. The Long Talk After Mom Died reminds me of Tindersticks at their most downbeat, if Stuart was duetting with a suitably gothic female. It trundles on for over seven minutes, never breaking sweat, never in a hurry to get anywhere, even though the volume steadily increases as it nears the climax.

Everyday And Never EP is out now on Imao In The Mouth Records
Still Leven myspace is here


DANDI said...

a new curtis ?

DVd said...

russ like the alter-ego of ross? :-P
(stillleven rulez)