Thursday, 2 July 2009

Allo, Darlin’ – Henry Rollins Don’t Dance

Allo, Darlin’ is Elizabeth Darling from Queensland, Australia and this is her third release. The title track is a gorgeous re-sexing of the Lucksmiths cute pop melodies and breezes past with a smile and a whistle and a skip in its step. It’s gorgeously summery. Dear Stephen Hawking re appropriates the twee coolness of Jens Lekman into a jiggly samba. It has his spiritual upbeatness, with some lyrical weight, in this case being about the particle accelerator at CERN. Finally you have Heartbeat Chilli; a sad uke beat interspersed with bits of Johnny Cash to and lap steel to provide a country vibe. A rather lovely EP all round.

Henry Rollins Don’t Dance is out now on Wee Pop! Records
Allo, Darlin’ myspace is here

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