Monday, 6 April 2009

And What Will Be Left Of Them? - The Hi Fi Low Life

After many singles for various labels, the Worcester based six piece finally get around to issuing their debut album. Lead track DIY not DIE is full of petulant vocals, a fast churning tune and an element of riot grrl vs lo-fi indie. Dance, Damn You, Dance is like a teen angst musical number with roaring guitars and ridiculously catchy. Orlick! Orlick! surfs and rolls, jabs and jives over a primal rock n roll base while Jesus is a marching, proud, life affirming tune and the title track again surfs the line between a cracking pop song and the exuberant explosion of angsty fun. Servants Of The State To Be is some icy cool new wave, while Four Years To Be An Artist crashes in with all the enthusiasm of kids with new toys. There are yelps, bits where the tune drops out so it can explode back in and an infectious chorus. L’Amour Violent finds Heather screaming like a good one, this is Los Campesinos! if they were a bit more punk rock. It still sways at times like the best girl pop, but knows when to rock out too. Next up, Come With Me is a repetitive rallying cry. After the directionless Look In Your Eyes, we have some feisty keyboard surfing new wave in the form of Calling All Cars and an updated Kids In America (same name, different song). The curveball comes with the rather beautiful hidden track, Goodnight Lucy, a sweetly sung ballad.

The Hi Fi Low Life is out now Pop-Art London
And What Will Be Left Of Them? myspace is here

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