Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Wendy Darlings – We Come With Friendly Purposes

The Wendy Darlings are a French three piece, and this is their latest EP. It kicks off with Get Up, the ultimate in lo-fi fun. It has boy/girl vocals and a rudimentary but melodic tune, racing excitement and sugar rush enthusiasm. Saddam Suzy takes control on Eleasy, yelling away with over excitement. It may seem twee and lo-fi but there’s a real primal garage rock and some lovely harmonies to this song. Bowling Shoes is indie Motown, a short sharp melodic burst in less than two minutes. Enormous Pop is just that and it’s becoming clear that The Wendy Darlings can knock out cracking pop tunes in their sleep if needed. Eins Zwei reminds me of a less annoying Bis, Kojak even more so. My Friend Ray is a much bigger tune to wrap up the EP, sounding like a storm round a sail boat.

We Come With Friendly Purposes is out now on Lost Music Records
The Wendy Darlings myspace is here

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