Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Brontosaurus Chorus – You’ve Created A Monster

The new mini album by Brontosaurus Chorus begins with Love Is The Path To Self-Destruction which starts all Mistys Big Adventure style spooky before the vocalists trade lines and there’s a cymbal crashing instrumental break. The tremendous percussion does mean the chorus has the rather wonderful sound like the band are trying to get a point over from a whirlpool. With the aid of joyous brass Now We’re Making Out is another infectiously upbeat rickety pop song. On Cat Song things squall away dramatically, just enough fun elements keeping it this side of being over wrought. It’s stupidly infectious again though. Bonfires starts with the singer gently picking her way through a delicate tune, something that sounds warm yet slightly mysterious. It trundles along with some gorgeous trumpet. David Bowie throws everything into the mix; it’s like Altered Images on too many e numbers, wonderful stuff. Cinnamon Taste features both vocalists, and although exuberant, doesn’t grab you like the others. Such is the problem with setting high standards. It all finishes with The Plot, which is nothing to write home about sadly. Overall it’s a pretty darn good mini album.

You’ve Created A Monster is out now on Pop-Art London
Brontosaurus Chorus myspace is here

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