Monday, 20 April 2009

David Kitt – The Nightsaver

Apparently long weeks and two years of experimentation went into making David Kitt’s sixth album, not that you would particularly be able to tell from and initial cursory listen. Lead track Move It On is a lovely bubbly little tune, very light and beautiful comedown music; It’s Yours shuffles along, like an unassuming guest at a party and is very Kings Of Convenience in its sweetness. With Beat A Retreat and Learning How To Say Goodbye, the delightful cuddliness remains, but the lack of substance means it starts to wear thin. Alone Like That is better, the repetitious chorus nagging into your brain like an ear worm. Use Your Eyes has a tropical bounce, its still over light, but pretty catchy. Nobody Leaves is quite the eighties minimal funky thing while Don’t Wake Me Up is pleasant and reminds me of The Beloved. Overall though Nightsaver passes by in a waft of pleasantness that won’t stick in the mind for long.

The Nightsaver is out now on Gold Spillin' Records
David Kitt myspace is here

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