Monday, 20 April 2009

The Black Box Revelation – Set Your Head On Fire

Following on from their great EP of last year, the teenage Belgian duo that is The Black Box Revelation release their debut album. It kicks off with Love, Love Is On My Mind, which is a fantastic snarling garage rock beast, dirty and sleazy but catchy as hell. I Think I Like You postures more, a bit like a heavier Rolling Stones and Gravity Blues is slinkier and low slung. Stand Your Ground is a more chiming regular indie anthem, and finds them losing their mojo a bit. Never Alone, Always Together is a mid paced White Stripes groove but Cold, Cold Hands is the modern blues personified. We Never Wondered Why is a cowbell fuelled country blues, sweet and just dirty enough. The title track reminds me of the much maligned Datsuns, who were a far better garage band than people gave them credit for. I Don’t Want It is a weird, but affecting blues nursery rhyme type thing and an interesting way to end a pretty good album.

Set Your Head On Fire is released by T for Tunes on 27th April, who release Love, Love Is On My Mind as a single the same day.
The Black Box Revelation myspace is here

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