Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Walk.DontWalk – A Horse To Be Reckoned With

From their badly punctuated name, to the nonsensical album title, Birmingham’s Walk.DontWalk don’t get off to the best start with me. Then there’s the fact that they have neglected to give me a tracklisting, so I can’t really tell you about specific songs, unless I just refer to them as Track 7, etc which seems a bit daft. It’s all a bit of a shame, because it’s a decent album. Sure it won’t set the world alight, but there are some good tunes here. At turns you’re reminded of Dexys, The Redskins and their socialist funk, Northern Soul brass, Paul Weller and The Libertines, so you can see the genre we’re talking about. Elsewhere there are sprightly guitars and energetic but strained vocals, while the slower stuff really struggles. The album is worth a cursory listen, if nothing else.

A Horse To Be Reckoned With is out now.
Walk.DontWalk myspace is here

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