Friday, 3 April 2009

Ceanne McKee – Wonderland

Wonderland is the latest album from Ceanne McKee, a singer songwriter who is based in Genova, Italy. Lead track All My Pleasure is an easy listening delight, somewhere between early innocent Cardigans and a sweet bossa nova. Quello Che Ho has more fire in its belly, being sung in her native Italian and featuring more aggressive, but still laid back, guitar playing. La Nostra Canzone reminds me of the gently hippiness of All About Eve while Estate has a delightful sashaying Mediterranean feel. There’s some beautiful acoustic musing on this album, some gorgeous folky singing and a general loveliness of which Good Morning Everybody is a great example. While there might be a tendency to fall into repetitive similarity, the songs are of a high enough quality to bear repeat listening.

Wonderland is available as a free download from Ceanne's myspace

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Chiara said...

Thanks a lot, Russell :-)