Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Ash Verjee – Lavinia Lives

To follow up the I’m Sorry, I’m Lost album and Kamikaze Eyes EP, Oxfordshire based musician Ash Verjee self releases the Lavinia Lives single. It starts with a guitar and birds tweeting and then the maudlin strings float over the top. Then the female voice comes in, soon joined by a cascade of voices as the music gets even more ethereal. It could be Clannad collaborating with Imogen Heap. Finally things drop out of the swell for a sunrise of a chorus while swathes of sunlight cover the scenery. Falling Out Of Love starts with electronic shards, before the voice is back intoning robotically like Neil Tenant and then settles into a very Dubstar like repetitive rhythm and melody.

Check back to Ash's myspace for release dates

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