Saturday, 21 March 2009

Ane Brun – Changing Of The Seasons

It’s Ane’s curiously kooky and other worldly voice that evokes her native Norway and sets her apart from other singer songwriters. Single and lead track The Treehouse Song is midway between Dolly Parton and Vashti Bunyan, and has a catchy chorus of shattered dreams. With The Fall I’m starting to think of the way Kristin Hersh used to wrap her tongue round some lyrics producing the most interesting vocals with fairy tale music. The Puzzle is a whirlwind of emotions, the calm subsiding and giving way to a frenetic chorus, as Ane runs away from some mythical beast. Musically not lyrically you know. Ten Seconds is another treasure, lifted now and again by booming and twinkling percussion and deep male voices, as Ane scatters her sparkles over the top. Lullaby For Grown-Ups is a calm, barely there piano tune, which sits beautifully with her vocals while Armour is a woozy Baltic waltz. I love the song Gillian, there’s no fancy flourishes or touches, its just a simple tune and Ane’s beautiful voice. The bonus tracks are two covers, her better than the original versions of True Colours and Big In Japan. The former is fairly faithful, the latter stripped back and made her own, both are wonderful.

Changing Of The Seasons is out now on Balloon Ranger Recordings/DetErMine Records
Ane Brun myspace is here

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