Monday, 16 March 2009

Godsmania – Tyre Kicker EP

The Godsmania EP is the first release on indie label Spanner Records. Lead track Thanks But No Thanks is a neat little shambling indie pop tune, but overly fey and a bit too lo fi for me. Don’t Go is a bit better, the lo-fi used to good affect with some warm vocals and a chugging tune. Going To Be Blue has a nicely picked out tune, and a croon in the style of Edwyn Collins, marking it out as the best track so far. Lost In You sees Ben consolidating things, a neat little stroll of a tune, a bit like Jonathan Richman. Finally we have All Gone Wrong Today; a nice jangler has little of substance.

Tyre Kicker EP is out now on Spanner Records
Godsmania myspace is here

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