Sunday, 22 March 2009

Video Nasties – On All Fours

HNB kicks things off on Video Nasties debut album like a Tasmanian Devil, the singer screaming ineffectually like a man drowning in quicksand. New single Jellybean is a stroppy, petulant thing, the Hives elegance crossed with Vines youthful exuberance. Old Flowers reminds me of the Darklands inhabited by the Mary Chain while Conversation Dies is spirited new fashioned rock, but nothing too great. Albatross however is back to their scuzzy best, snarling and snapping at every one in its vicinity. Stay Home makes me think of Razorlight sadly, but as this one has balls and bite it’s actually a very good thing. Kaiser is a decent rumbling tune, like the Fall on speed while Teenage Celebration is a slaughtered seven minute epic, guitars spiralling away as the singer struggles to keep going and things descend into a messy business indeed. It’s how good debut albums should sound; a bit all over the place as the band finds their sound and feet. The sheer enthusiasm cannot be faulted however, and you’ll find plenty of reasons here to stick with them.

On All Fours is out on Dead Again Records on 13th April, preceded by the single Jellybean on 23rd March
Video Nasties myspace is here

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