Monday, 30 March 2009

The Follys – Maps To Nowhere EP

Trev and his Follys are back are by god does he mean it. Hostile Town rocks like a good ‘un and Trev is nearly snarling and spitting the lyrics out. He’s a decent singer but this style suits him much better, it’s primal garage rock with a sweet chorus. Maps To Nowhere has a lovely spindly guitar line, reminding me of the ramshackle sweetness of Orange Juice and the staggering confidence of Eat. Don’t Let Them Down is further evidence of The Follys coming together as a band. It reminds me of those great indie bands of the early nineties, The Family Cat and the like. Thinking of You is a crashing end to the EP, the instruments assaulting your senses in constant piercing movements.

Maps To Nowhere EP is out now and available direct from The Follys myspace, which is here

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