Saturday, 21 March 2009

Fredo Viola – The Turn

The title and opening track of Fredo’s debut album is a barbershop elegy, where Fredo appears to be singing in tongues at times, at other times his voice breaks free of the murk. It’s a weird downbeat opening, but a very intriguing one with a breakout seaside ending. The Sad Song is the first thing to show why he’s been getting comparisons with Sigur Ros, yet it still manages to sound like a man drowning in a maelstrom of despair. Friendship Is… is Super Furry Animals on demo mode, Red States again has the Furries other worldly charm, but is lacking something of an edge while The Original Man is a quick stepping nimble rambler, a bit like T Rex referencing movie stars. Robinson Crusoe bleeps in all the right places and sounds like a paean to floating in space with the Beach Boys. With K Thru 6 and Moon After Berceuse things lose their way a bit, as they are two rambling half thought out pieces. Puss is dreamy psychedelic Beach Boys music, Death Of A Son comes on like an aboriginal rain dance and although Umbrella noodles the album to an end, it can’t take away from such a rich and varied album.

The Turn is out now on Because Music
Fredo Viola myspace is here

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