Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Allison Weiss - Allison Weiss & The Way She Likes It

Allison is certainly productive, I’ll give her that. This is her fifth release in two years but the first with the full band. I’m Ready is jaunty and light of touch, sweet pop music, but with a nice edge to take the saccharine off. On I Don’t Want To Be Here you can imagine her twirling around in a field, set free from all constraints. The End is beautiful, a really sparse little tune, whimsical, pretty much her and her guitar while Let Me Go is good but a little too throwaway. The Disappearing Act is indie pop country, a nice little tune with some sweet vocals and Daybreak is a drawn out ballad to close proceedings.

Allison Weiss & The Way She Likes It is self released and out now
Allison Weiss myspace is here

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