Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Just Joans – Love And Other Hideous Accidents

Ah that beautiful Scottish accent again, so rough and yet so sweet and lovely. The new Just Joans EP kicks off with I Won’t Survive, which is the anti Gloria Gaynor. It has an odd pulsing disco beat, some syncopated Jamaican rhythms and a shuffling Orange Juice guitar line. Weird yet wonderful. Hideous Accident is a tear jerking maudlin ballad, just like Ballboy make while Teenage Tears see female vocals, a missive from the lonely bedroom years and a heartbreaking tune. If You Don’t Pull is a bit too amateurish and ramshackle for my tastes unfortunately. It picks up again with Let’s Not Keep In Touch, which reminds me of Arab Strap if fronted by a girl, the tone and lyrical content are that sombre. Overblown Gestures bobs along like a drowning man and Almost Out Of Love sounds like the end of a clown/circus affair, it sways and staggers weirdly.

Love And Other Hideous Accidents is out now on Wee Pop! Records
The Just Joans myspace is here

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