Friday, 6 March 2009

The Bicycles – Oh No It’s Love

The second album is from Toronto’s The Bicycles is full of lots of sixties style beat pop, pure and simple. There are no big thrills but plenty of fun. However when they do veer from type it when the album finds its most interesting moments, such as these; Won’t She Be Surprised is like a streamlined Go Team, with cheerleader chants, electro popping and a sweet tune. One Twist Too Much is highly melodic sixties pop which male vocals, while I’ll Wait For You, with Dana Singing, is a stroll along the river. Once Was Not Enough is a bit of a jumbled mess of ideas whilst Roland and Green Light are both slices are upbeat bouncy pop. Walk Away squirts by Stereolab like and Stop Calling Me Baby has a clichéd country feel to it. So while it’s good stuff, a little more experimentation will reap better results.

Oh No It’s Love is out now on Fuzzy Logic Recordings
The Bicycles myspace is here

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