Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Felt Tips – Bought And Sold

Although the title track of this single is a lovely bouncy summery pop tune, the singer isn’t sure where to pitch his voice. That or its not his strongest suit and he’s holding himself back. Either way it detracts a bit from the overall tune, a more upfront vocal would have been more befitting of this melody. While The Love That Never Spoke It’s Name suffers a little from the same fate, the tune sways enough to take precedence, there’s some lovely lyrical repetition and some upbeat strumming. The One Who Got Away is a galloping melody, with the singer struggling to keep up with the cracking music. Hopefully things will fall into place, because there’s a great band hiding in here.

Bought And Sold is out now on Wee Pop! Records
The Felt Tips myspace is here

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