Friday, 6 March 2009

Peter Project – Peter Project

Founding member of Toronto’s The Midways, Peter Chapman releases his third album as Peter Project. Fair and Square is replete with pulsing electro beats and TV evangelical preacher style vocals low in the mix. Repetitive Stress Injury, finds a small Mission Impossible bit, some old skool scratching and some sublime rapping to give us the kind of laid back style that was prevalent in the Daisy Age. The Same Obnoxious Tie is a chilling instrumental that sounds like it should be the theme for some seventies murder mystery cop and robbers program, while Septal Defect is a nice mysterious slinky thing, with sampled news bits. So Hard To Catch starts off reminding me of The Avalanches Frontier Psychiatrist, then drops some neat relaxed rhymes, then slips back into the former. Weird stuff indeed. The Golden Trumpet is Kid Koala unveiling his hitherto unknown hip hop slant. Ok? Ok, another instrumental is a soft shoe shuffle, but the ideas are starting to wear thin. Man At His Leisure sounds an apt title for the effort showing. Take The Time is the most commercial thing here, veering dangerously close to R&B in the female hip hop vibe while Turn It Down is a vocal sample laden slinky groove. It’s a good album, if a little overlong, stretching the ideas too far.

Peter Project is out now on Fuzzy Logic Recordings
Peter Project myspace is here

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