Friday, 22 May 2009

Banjo Or Freakout – Upside Down EP

The second release from Alessio Natalizia, under his Banjo Or Freakout moniker is the Upside Down EP. The title track sounds like it was recorded under a slowly trickling water feature, its Flaming Lips light, dreamy yet only slightly affecting. The Week Before follows on in similar fashion, incanting the lyrics in a hypnotic way, which is entrancing even though the tune on the whole is the equivalent of a blank white wall. Like You stomps gloomily under a wall of fuzz and effects, it creates a pretty neat dark sound but ultimately doesn’t go anywhere. I And Always sounds like it comes from the mysterious far east and the repetitious nature ties it up in knots and spins your head quite wonderfully. This City Is A Fake is a bit of a tedious drone, but the Allez Allez Remix of Upside Down turns it into a disco drone, something much better than the original track.

Upside Down EP is out now on Half Machine Records
Banjo Or Freakout myspace is here

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