Saturday, 23 May 2009

Various - Dance To The Radio 4 x 12” Volume 1 of 4

The first in a series of compilations of stuff from Dance To The Radio. Wonderswan are a slightly fuzzy Pavement, but one that cares even less about trying. Their song Hey Nature is a pleasant diversion, but one that gets a little tedious as it progresses. The second track is Behind Your Back by Broadcast Society, which is anthemic, yet fairly unaffecting bombastic indie rock. Although the Pulled Apart By Horses song has the wonderful title E= MC Hammer, the music is approaching screamo, with lots of big wailing guitars and little in the way of tune. The final offering, What A Drag by Bear Hands, is probably the best thing, as it is minimal electro, trip hop, and falsetto bouncing shuffly pop at various turns.

Dance To The Radio 4 x 12” Volume 1 is out now
The Dance To The Radio website is here

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