Monday, 11 May 2009

The Horrors – Primary Colours

The Horrors turn up again with their second album, a couple of years after being NME faves, but nobody elses. After an eerie opening, Mirror’s Image kicks in all gothically mysterious, coupled with some PIL spookiness. It’s rather windswept and majestical. Three Decades sounds like Julian Cope fronting The Jesus And Mary Chain down in a mine in the middle of a tornado. I haven’t worked out if this is good or not yet. Who Can Say is rampaging goth rock, but from then on in though, it just degenerates into shouty goth rock, like a very poor Birthday Party. It’s a shame, but with a bit more care The Horrors might be onto something. Keep a cautious eye on these guys; don’t give up on them yet.

Primary Colours out now on XL Recordings
The Horrors can be found here

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