Sunday, 31 May 2009

Blind Pilots – The Toys Have Gone Berserk EP

Fractured Boy, the opening track from the debut EP by Dundalk, Ireland’s Blind Pilots combines the bluster of early U2, the steel of Afghan Whigs and the grace of Editors into a fine tune. Seat Ga Ga is more reflective, plodding along at a slow pace, nicely reflecting the sombre tone of the song, and intoning the title over and over in a hypnotic way. It’s graceful and gorgeous. Stillbeats goes back to the well structured towering pop, the stuff that isn’t afraid to reach for the skies and blast on through. Thumping drums, spiralling guitars and bellowed vocals are all present and correct. Jealous Hands gets darker still. The band claim to be influenced by Joy Division which shows, and they’ve obviously taken the bits Editors liked too. Not a bad thing, when it’s done this well, but you wonder whether there’s a niche for it at the moment.

The Toys Have Gone Berserk EP is self released and out now
Blind Pilots myspace is here

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