Monday, 18 May 2009

The Loves – Three

The Loves are back with their, yes you guessed it, third album. One-Two-Three starts it off and sounds like a Gary Glitter tune done by a particularly slouchy bubblegum band. It’s pretty fun as you might imagine. After the shouty opening of Kaleidoscope, it settles down into a blissful alt country stroll. It then speeds up, slows down to a woozy waltz and finds a million points inbetween. The Ex-Gurlfriend reminds me of oh so cool, slightly sleazy New York rock, with a little Teenage Fanclub thrown in for good measure. Everybody Is In Love is a slouchy slow rocker, reminding me of a blissfully stoned Big Star. Ode To Coca-Cola is Redd Kross, low slung slacker pop while Sweet Sister Delia, is Jonathan Richman and the rock n roll world. Can You Feel My Heart Beat? Is a sassy torch song, with very sultry female vocals. Waiting For Tomorrow wraps the album up and is like some Velvet Underground experiment, starting off psychedelic and then barrelling into a rolling pub knees up.

Three is out now on Fortuna Pop!
The Loves myspace is here

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