Friday, 22 May 2009

Lucky Delucci – Young In Summer

Here is the debut EP from Lucky Delucci, a five piece from Wales. Lead track Tears Fall to The Floor is whimsical flower power pop, a sweet little fairy breath of a tune. Simon Said is pretty similar, apart from a lovely extended maudlin coda, world weary and glum. House Of Lost Souls is better, a change of tack into a mysterious world. It’s a tune that stalks its way around an apparently deserted, but in reality not so, mansion. Fingers, Thumbs and Toes is a twinkling musical box piece of loveliness and the EP finishes with The Room That Never Sleeps that sometimes sounds like a twee version of The Passenger.

Young In Summer is out now on Bubblewrap Records
Lucky Delucci myspace is here

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