Monday, 11 May 2009

Butcher Boy – React Or Die

Glasgow’s Butcher Boy return with their second album. The winsome shimmering When I’m Asleep is an inauspicious start to any album, wonderfully autumnal, but perhaps not the best suited lead track. On Carve A Pattern you’re reminded of Stuart Murdoch with the vocals, with a jaunty if fey tune. You’re Only Crying For Yourself surfs by on a sea of buzzy keyboards, Anything Other Than Kind is a whimsical thing, interspersed by odd moments from seventies TV idents and This Kiss Will Marry Us has a long meandering intro, but doesn’t really go many places, although it is somehow soothing. Why I Like Babies follows and reminds me of a stark Pulp. Rather too many songs pass by in a haze, so it might end up as unexpected chill out music for many. Good, but it probably wasn’t their intention. Sunday Bells rouses itself somewhat and proves a bit better and then React Or Die is a lovely maudlin end to the album of the same name.

React Or Die is out now on How Does It Feel To Be Loved?
Butcher Boy's myspace is here

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