Monday, 18 May 2009

The Legends – Over And Over

You certainly can’t pin The Legends down to any particular sound. Johan Angergard has changed his sound from album to album, and now there are many changes within the space of one record. You Won starts the album and is very eighties sounding, a new romantic windswept soundscape with a touch of a gothic Pet Shop Boys. Seconds Away is smothered in feedback and effects, which gives it a haunting sound, amplified by when the feedback switches off and all becomes crystal clear. Always The Same is very much an early Mary Chain tune; luckily they’ve slipped some female vocals in there to make it a little different though. Monday to Saturday is a surprise, being a whimsical piece of tweeness replete with handclaps and summery vibe. Heartbeats is ghostly, echoey and could be something recorded by any bedroom miserablist on seeing the sun through his window for the first time. Dancefloor is impenetrable lyrically and musically dense, flying by like some careering indie pop anthem, which has been squashed into a tiny package. Turn Away is a fuzzy wake to some long lost thing, and then the feedback returns for Recife, which covers up the sluggish tune. After more fuzziness in the form of Over And Over, we get Jump which sounds like Kings Of Convenience lost in an eighties electro world. Something Strange Will Happen is on an autobahn of minimalness before Touch finishes things off in a suitably raucous way.
Over And Over is released by Labrador on June 15th
The Legends myspace is here

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