Friday, 1 January 2010

Blue Roses – Does Anyone Love Me Now? EP

Laura Groves, the Blue Roses singer has a beautiful voice, somewhere Joanna Newsome and a more traditional folk singer. Call it ethereal if you will, but it transcends the gently plucked melody and harp swathes of Does Anyone Love Me Now? the title track of this EP and one which is taken from their recent album. She stretches her voice just enough to still sound wonderful, and knows how far to go with it, unlike that awful Florence of Machine fame. A live version of Doubtful Comforts with Grammatics is rather nice, breathy and spacey, the male and female vocals existing wonderfully in harmony. The cover of Irma Thomas’s Anyone Who Knows What Love Is is a gracious beauty, shimmering in a sixties half light and First Frost Night makes up the numbers in a Cocteau Twins off cut way, but is still well worthy of inclusion.

Does Anyone Love Me Now? EP is out now on XL Recordings
Blue Roses website is here

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