Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Holly Miranda - The Magician's Private Library

Here’s the debut from Holly Miranda, a 27 year old with many TV On The Radio connections it seems. The Magician's Private Library kicks off with recent single, Forest Green Oh Forest Green. I’ll confess, first I heard this song I hated it, but now its grown on me. It still sounds like Imogen Heap meets ELO, but now the better elements of those acts are pulling through, along with a smattering of Flaming Lips and some general oddness. Things go downhill a bit after that, with Joints taking six minutes to achieve little other than a burble. On Waves Holly showcases her remarkable voice, over an organ hum and bass bounce, rippling above it ethereally. Slow Burn Treason is drab moonscape musical feeling with over emoting voices, Sweet Dreams is a second rate Kristin Hersh over a shuffly tune, only cheered up by some parps of brass and Everytime I Go To Sleep is a half hearted Joan As Police Woman. The final three tracks pass in a similar nondescript fashion. For something that offered such early promise The Magician's Private Library is quite the disappointment.

The Magician's Private Library is released on February 22nd on XL Recordings

Holly Miranda's website is here

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