Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Thunder Bunny – Demons

The debut Thunder Bunny EP kicks off with It Reminds Me Of Walking Away, three minutes of spaghetti western regret. It’s mainly harmonica and rhythm track, and a few mumbled lyrics. I Am The Arm swirls and seethes but doesn’t go anywhere, while Lollipop is Flaming Lips lite, buried under fuzzy round the edges guitars. Wonder Brian could be a continuation of I Am The Arm, instrumental and dull. And then Sleepy Head picks things up; coming on like a lackadaisical cross between Slowdive and Chapterhouse It’s wonderful in its shoe gazing beauty. Finally This Crown I Wear Is Hollow And Made Of Filth is a shuffling acoustic afterthought. There’s a good single in here, and promise of better things to come.

Demons is released on 14th March on Edition 59

Thunder Bunny myspace is here

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