Saturday, 16 January 2010

Field Music – Field Music (measure)

The Brewis brothers are back with a new album, a double no less, after diversions with The Week That Was and School Of Language. The album starts in subdued fashion, an eerily crawling song called In The Mirror. Them That Do Nothing falls somewhere between the jolliness of Wings and the odd craft of ELO, while Each Time Is A New Time is an updated Burning Down The House and then some. After the twisty, turny title track we get the churning Effortlessly. Clear Water is ELO chirpy headed brilliance, while Let’s Write A Book is funked up, how Prince would sound if he were a band from the North East. You And I plods delightfully like a languid and darker Fleet Foxes, The Rest Is Noise stalks the land and builds and builds into electro fountains, then bounces like an early eighties delight and Curves Of The Needle is a near narcoleptic arch star struck piece. The Wheels Are In Place is a euphoric rush, gushing with beauty, Precious Plans is tinkling sweetness and Share The Words is more funked up fun, a bounce in its step and an early eighties funk to its soul. The stirring epic oddness of It’s About Time rounds off a unique and rather good album.

Field Music (measure) is released on 15th February by Memphis Industries

Field Music website is here

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