Sunday, 10 January 2010

Nils Frahm – Wintermusik

Berlin based Nils Frahm had originally intended Wintermusik as a Christmas present to family and friends, until Erased Tapes heard it and decided to put it out. Lead track Ambre is a beautiful chilling piano piece, straight out of The Nutcracker. It’s gorgeous in its tinkling beauty. Nue is musical box finesse, tip toeing its way tenderly around a snow covered countryside. Impending doom sets in, before escape; the piano hurries along, heralding brighter moments. The sparkling beauty of Tristana moves like a stop motion snow drift, covering all in its path, as demarked by the low notes amidst the sparkles. It doesn’t stray far from the path in over 17 minutes, but doesn’t once get boring. Gorgeous stuff indeed.

Wintermusik is out now on Erased Tapes

Nils Frahm myspace is here

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