Friday, 15 January 2010

Robin Aigner – Bandito

Brooklyn based singer Robin Aigner releases her fourth album, Bandito. Lead track Pearl Polly Adler is an olde worlde place where Joan As Policewoman strikes out with Rufus Wainwright. Its also very Regina Spektor, featuring delicately and strategically placed instruments and a deft touch coming in from somewhere in the mists of time, certainly nowhere like the present. Delores From Florence is semi sea shanty, a song sung in an inn to send sailors on their way, with tales of trips past. She’s the feisty inn entertainment. See You Around is a more straight forward song, but Robin’s beautiful voice holds you captivated. It’s crisp and even, yet full of character, a brilliant asset to the songs. Banjo led Annie And Irving is a trad backswoods tale come to life. Mediocre is smoky jazz country, it slides beautifully around a well worn club, but still comes over as classy. Get Me Home is a cool duet, like one of those lo fi songs where the singers banter with each other, back and forth, but a much fuller version. Great Molasses Disaster sees Robin in charge again, a lovely song to complete a fantastic album.

Bandito is self released and out now

Robin Aigner's myspace is here

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