Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Millipedes – Shake Your Bones

The Millipedes are a bit of an underground Sheffield super group, and their debut album comes out on Odd Box across three 7 inches and a CD that contains all the vinyl tracks plus one additional one. Lead track Make Something Happen is The Woodentops go rockabilly, with a sinister twist. Married To The Wolfman makes good use of the overlapping male and female vocalists, it sounds like a spook rock pastiche, but a good one at that. Humans Of Earth mines the garage rock seams in a better way than Inspiral Carpets did, keyboards surf the tune along and a commanding female vocal, courtesy of Dolly Gripp, holds your attention. Hey Boy is a cracking, rattling, scrawny rock and roll number, Do Do Do Dare Dare Dare is a weird skanker, while the rock n roll is back for Zombies. Never Wanted To Go is a rather sweet swinging ballad duet, while You’re Too Much closes the album in suitably raucous fashion.

The Millipedes myspace is here

Shake Your Bones is out now on Odd Box Records

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