Thursday, 7 January 2010

Heritage Centre – Sidney Maxwell Williamson

The third release from Ireland’s Heritage Centre sees them in familiar territory. Opening track Stolen It Twice is peak period Idlewild, the time when their rock and melody was perfectly balanced. It’s a fairly unassuming yet heartfelt tune, and one you can imagine yelling along to at a gig. Throw Stones; It’s Easy follows in a similar vein. Free Out Here is lighter and carefree, but it seems now that Heritage Centre have found their identity after some searching on previous releases. It’s a good personality, and Free Out Here is the more commercial side (not a bad thing at all) of it. Whatever is an over reaching scrawl, with scruffy edges. To the aforementioned influence add The Smoking Popes, whose influence is across a bunch of these tracks. Space And Time is the real gem though, a reflective slow paced end of the century blues. It’s Brian Molko all heart strung and wired out fronting an interesting side turn b-side Blur.

Sidney Maxwell Williamson is out now and available from the band's myspace here

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