Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Cats For Peru – Attack Of The Pitching Machine

A couple of years into their existence sees Cats For Peru issue their debut album. Opening track Manifesto finds a band still in thrall to the epic bombast of early Radiohead, Love In A Lift is all skittering nowness mixed with the Vines effervescence, while Slight To The Right and Cutting The Bridges In Half move back to the over reaching archness of Manifesto, but the latter does have a classy sigh to it, albeit one already done by bands like the Longpigs and their ilk. And so on and so on goes the album. Things shimmer slightly and bounce along nicely and come on all grandiose at times, but nothing really hits home as anything new or exciting. It’s not bad as such; just nothing I haven’t heard before and done much better.

Attack Of The Pitching Machine is out now, a joint release by Thee SPC and Phantom Power Records

Cats For Peru website is here, where you can get free downloads of Asleep In Monaco and The Bearded One and make your own mind up about them!

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