Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Lost Boy Scout – Stag

Following the demise of his band And What Will Be Left Of Them, Peter Adams releases his debut solo album on Pop Art London. It’s the first of a mooted four in a year. Lead track Baby, Put Down The Hammer is like a one man Futureheads, not quite as frenetic, but similar in spirit. Star Signs is a snotty punk pop tune, in which at times he unleashes psychotic vocals, but mostly it’s a pleasant fast melody. Poor Birdie is sparser and funkier, a welcome change of pace, with a nice repetitious chorus and the best thing so far. Rory Storm & The Hurricanes is so catchy and reminds me of something I can’t place, so I spend most of the song being bugged by that. Bedlam buzzes and fuzzes and jerks all over the shop in an Archers of Loaf way. After a couple of standard tunes, Guitar In My Hands come on all balladeering with a wry glance, but bursts into Wedding Present style guitar thrashes at times, then back to strumming like nothing happened. We Need New Words To Describe The Effects Of Holding Hands In The Rain is a sweet acoustic ballad to round off a fine album.

Stag is out now on Pop Art London

Lost Boy Scout myspace is here

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