Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Wednesday Club – Katapult

The Wednesday Club are a quartet from Leeds, and this is their first album. Trust Thing is a chirpy little song, with an African spring to the guitar, but an indie pop heart to the melodies. Marks And Lines is a swayer complete with fun, silly lyrics. Faulty Orbital Shaker is a standard indie popper, but with lovely warm buzzing guitar lines, while Steven’s House is gorgeous and reminds me of The Chesterfields. European Veins is a pretty faithful take on early Jesus and Mary Chain, Kindred Spit spins off in another direction, the singing all oddball and spooky, while Hit By Teeth is sombre and reflective, a sweet sigh amongst the more upbeat stuff. Biscuit Cramps is a wobble headed shock start thing, Harper Lee a brief yet beautifully formed melody, Delomelanicon a deliciously sluggish thing and closer Citalogasm is a odd ride through an other worldly fairground. Ramshackle, yet lovely pop all round.

Katapult is released by Odd Box Records on February 1st
The Wednesday Club myspace is here

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