Friday, 15 January 2010

NonMiPiacellCirco! – Just A Bunch Of Unresolved Cases

Sometimes music is just weird for the sake of it. The NonMiPiacellCirco! (it translates from Italian as I Don’t Like The Circus) album is most definitely weird, and wilfully all over the place, but is all the better for it. It’s an interesting and challenging listen, but one that remembers the melodies and ultimately rewards you. Lead track Archimedes is a lovely orchestral piano line and crooning vocals, chasing the melody around at slow pace. Imagine an Italian cross between a twee indie pop singer and Julian Cope and you’re getting close. V? is interesting, an incantation of lyric over an electronic hum. It’s dark and faintly disturbing. Taos Buzz is airport static with numbers of hours chanted over it, and then it changes tack to interference and metronomic rhythms. Step By Step, Side By Side is the Muppet Show played on kazoos and cheap Casio, while a gothic interloper intones over the top. Ghosts is another disjointed thing, started with a rather eloquent spoken word bit, before droney melodies lick in. Like Dying is a free jazz annoyance, while Sky Theory is broken hoovers and drills and ghostly words. Strange things abound, making Just A Bunch Of Unresolved Cases well worth a listen.

Just A Bunch Of Unresolved Cases is out now on Movimento Flaneur
NonMiPiacellCirco! website is here

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