Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Man From Another Place – The Loneliest Cowboy EP

The tracks here suggest they were written as incidental music for a film and as such seem a little weird as stand alone pieces. They are mainly tinkling little piano pieces. Its an interesting listen but I’d much rather hear them in a context such as that. They have some wonderful titles including A Recluse Goes Ice Skating, Iys and The Loneliest Cowboy. The High Llamas are an obvious comparison, the way they melded Beach Boys harmonies into something brittle and pretty. Guess Who’s Back In Town is like said band doing a Christmas record, while Spelunking (Part 1) takes the same template and robotically funks it up. An interesting little EP.

The Man From Another Place website is here and myspace here. Go to either to buy the EP.

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