Friday, 12 June 2009

The ‘A’ Train – Black And White Memories

The title track of this EP by three piece The ‘A’ Train is a decent enough tune, reminding me of The Coral with added keyboards. The problem lies in that it doesn’t particularly grab you vocally or musically. Where It Counts is better, a bit country in the style of Gram Parsons, some lovely liquid melodies and a languid vocal. This type of tune seems to suit them better; they seem to wear it well. Luckily Chimes At Midnight carries on in a similar vein; you can almost see them recording this in bespoke Nudie suits. A tambourine splishes in the background and other instruments tinkle and the vocalist sings his tale of woe, without much regret. Place Of No One is a twinkling little acoustic number, to round the EP off on a sweet and decidedly low key note.

Black And White Memories is self released and out now
The ‘A’ Train website is here

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