Friday, 12 June 2009

The Foxes – Lover, Killer

A different band entirely to Foxes! who were reviewed earlier in the blog, this is the third single by The Foxes, just ahead of the release of their debut album. Lover, Killer is a ramalama of a tune, stomping its way through a cool melody. There are some pleasantly spindly rock n roll guitar lines in an updated take on the fifties. The only thing giving it away is the vocals, very contemporary with a slight Strokes twang. It goes to show all those desperately commercial bands that you can come up with something catchy and still be effortlessly cool. B side Headlock staggers along, forgoing the rock n roll for something approaching angsty early Radiohead. It twists and turns and fights like a bastard.

Lover, Killer is released by Room 10 Records on August 3rd
The Foxes myspace is here

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