Friday, 5 June 2009

Blue Roses – I Am Leaving

Once she was Laura Groves, now she is Blue Roses and this is the second single from the forthcoming self titled album. Gentles waves of synth and choral sighs usher I Am Leaving in. Then comes the shrill voice, like a folky Kate Bush. It also reminds you of early Joanna Newsom, how the voice was a tad grating at times, but you knew it was worth persevering with. Tune wise it’s very Nick Drake with added electronic flourishes, very Green Man Festival. I have a slight liking for it; one that I’m sure will only grow with time. Moments Before Sleep is more mysterious, vocally more like Kate Bush straight. The spectral feel of this song could see her ride in on Bat For Lashes coattails.

I Am Leaving is out now on XL Recordings
Blue Roses myspace is here

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