Friday, 5 June 2009

Starsurfers – EP

This is the debut EP from Italian trio Starsurfers. It begins with Undersurface which plays on the riff from Rocket From The Crypt’s On A Rope and builds a rather pleasing groove around it. The vocals are somewhat buried in a murky mix, which is a shame as there appears to be a decent song trying to break out. White Love follows a similar formula to the above, even down to the problems. I can’t peg down the familiar riff, but look somewhere near the Hives and you won’t be far away. Miracle seems more interesting, a stoner groove something like a blissed out Secret Machines. Hypnoise is a weird little new romantic thing, while Pleasure Generators is Queens of the Stone Age light. 4 You ends the EP, a lovely blissful thing. It’s a mixture of styles for sure, but one that works more than it doesn’t.

Starsurfers EP is self released and available from their myspace.

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