Friday, 5 June 2009

The Bobby McGee’s – L’Appropriation Bourgoisie De La Bobby McGee’s

And so the debut album from The Bobby McGee’s arrives and all the weirdness that holds. Tractatus Logico-Musica is a skiffling Beefheartian opener to the album, all weird and wonderful. A Note On The Watson Problem is a mumbling, shrill incoherent mess, while the jazzy, shoop shoop of We Never Sleep is another reason I’m often reminded of the Bonzos when listening to The Bobby McGee’s. The wonderfully named Buckfast At Tiffany’s is a surreal a capella nursery rhyme, Prick Up Your Ears is an eerie chanson and Goodbye Blue Monday fuses aboriginal rhythms, twee indie, saxes and smoky nightclubs. A Masonic Youth is Bis with balls, while Kabhi Khushi, Khabie Gham is a beautiful little song, sounding like a fair maiden singing it in a medieval garden. It’s Faster Stan is a wonderful jiggly rolling tune and Wovon Man Nicht Sprechen Kann, Daruber Mus Man Schwen sees the guy doing his best Ivor Cutler, while the girl and music come on all madrigal style. The Torment Of Existence Weighed Against The Horror Of Non-Being ends the album on a surprisingly low key note, a sweet little tune with barbed lyrics, which sums up The McGee’s well.

L’Appropriation Bourgoisie De La Bobby McGee’s is released by Cherryade on June 29th
The Bobby McGee’s myspace is here

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JCMcGee said...

Fact Fans: The uke main uke used to record this album was leant to The Bobby McGees by...yes, you guessed...The Bonzos!