Monday, 15 June 2009

Bricolage – Bricolage

Bayonets kicks off the debut album from Bricolage sounding like a joyous version of The Wedding Present, the rattling guitars are present and correct, yet the vocals sound more euphoric, without being deliberately so. The song has an infectious melody that can’t help to get your feet moving and you singing along. Flowers Of Deceit reminds me a bit of The Chesterfields, that clipped singing, chirpy guitars and fey, fun tune. Footsteps is a calypso led Orange Juice, while The Spoilsport’s Retort is The Strokes gone indie pop, a particularly askew version of pop, but a very good one. Looting Takes The Waiting Out Of Wanting has some lovely harmonies, an upbeat tune in the manner of The Jam and a smile on its face. Turn U Over reminds me of Dogs Die In Hot Cars and their cool white boy soul. Sixth Form Poet makes me think of The Strokes again, with a guitar line that’s almost Lust For Life and some mumbly vocals. On The Omnibuses is ridiculously catchy, while Sleepwalk To Me lives up to its name, a gorgeous slow song. The giddy whirl of The Waltzers ties things up, a hazy swirl and yet another infectious melody.

Bricolage is out now on Slumberland Records
Bricolage myspace is here

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