Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Various – Last And First

This Spanner Records compilation showcases six new band. Kicking things off, Snowday fancy themselves as a slacker rock band, mixed with some sun soaked Californian pop. It’s not bad, but a little ineffectual and ends up a little murky. Lean Tales are slightly gothic, a little ethereal, but not that memorable. Godsmania are a sweet little indie pop band, and their Look In Your Eye is a stammering tune, sung from what sounds like a sad viewpoint. Broken Down Lorry is a great name for what sounds like one man and his guitar, and a world weary voice. When his song is called Here Come The Hoodies he has every right to be suspect. It’s a plaintive if upsetting tale. Temba’s Dancer is a nuclear horror sounding tune, with an insistent stabbing chorus paraphrasing Elton’s Tiny Dancer. The horror spikes up as the song progresses, violins and weird synths helping this effect. The best thing here though is Stoliday’s Look At The View, a whispering light vocal cascading over a folkish, yet electronically subnormal tune. It’s beautiful and has to be heard to be believed.

Last And First is out now on Spanner Records

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