Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Humms – Are You Dead?

The Humms are another great band from Athens, Georgia. The title track on this EP is basic rock n roll chords and a ghost train heart. It carries a flick knife and is destined for a rumble on the wrong side of the tracks. Think of the way the Raveonettes drew on the fifties and you have a similar idea, but not as close to plagiarism as that band. Do The Graverobber! Is The Darling Buds scuzzed up, looking mean and dirty, while LSD Is Evil is Hank Williams via The Meteors, a rockabilly country rout. The only slight disappointment is No One Wants To Be Alone On Valentine’s Day, which is McFly versus BMX Bandits, a nice enough tune, if a little too sickly for my tastes.

Are You Dead? is out now on Odd Box Records
The Humms myspace is here

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